Pay less for energyInvest in your business, not your energy bill

Improve your bottomline

Going Solar lets you generate your own power which is clean and economical. It reduces your operational expense and protects your business from rising power tariff.

Protection from power outages

Solar takes you a step towards energy independence and protects businesses from frequent power outages and rising diesel expense.

Save environment

With clean energy, your business saves money and curbs CO2 emissions. A humble 10KW system will save approximately 27 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum.

Complete solution for businesses

Solar can reduce up to 50% of power and fuel expense of each tower
  • We customize a system based on the local power challenges and environmental conditions of each specific tower site.
  • A decision on stand alone or hybrid solar system along with a smart combination of wind is made depending on the site conditions helping reduce diesel consumption and maintenance.
  • Our ability to design and deploy sophisticated mounting structures maximizes the power generation.
Our solar solution for schools & colleges can curb power expenses by up to 80%
  • With schools & colleges functioning only during day time, solar power becomes ideal, reliable and affordable
  • Excess power generated during weekends, holidays can be exported to the grid for power credits
Uninterrupted and affordable power for Petrol stations
  • Completely customized solution depending on the power requirements at each petrol pump
  • Solar is a massive boost for petrol bunks in Tier 2 & 3 cities that suffer from irregular power supply but blessed with abundant sun exposure
  • ROI in 3.5 years
Rooftop in Hotels & Hospitals offers a great platform for solar panels
  • Solar can reduce electricity bill by up to 40%
  • LEDs and efficient use of power can offer greater ROI
Lead by example by solar powering the Government buildings
  • Typical Government building can accommodate 10KW – 100KW system.
  • Net metering allows export of solar power on non working. It takes you a step towards clean and efficient energy generation and consumption.

Solar expertise


On Grid
Ideal for businesses and institutions that function mostly during day time. Can be integrated with local grid and diesel genset. Dramatically reduces power bill by eliminating your dependence on other power sources during daytime.


Off Grid
Most applicable for businesses that operate round the clock. High performance battery that we install supplies power during load shedding and night time. The solution enables uninterrupted business operations while curbing your power bill.


Net Metering
Take advantage of the surplus energy produced. Export excess energy produced to the grid and offset it against your monthly electricity bill. We help you with the local state policies and paper work to have your Net Meter installed.

Take advantage of these benefits

Why Wattza
Reliable, dependable and cost-effective solar solutions


Premium ComponentsWe install highest grade components that deliver consistent and reliable performance year after year.
Our solar panels come with 25 year warranty.

Customized SolutionWe design and deliver a solution that is specific to your requirement. Our custom design provides you 5% more energy than similar systems.
TechnologyWe introduce the best of technology across the solar value chain for improved efficiency, monitoring and performance.

Professional TeamOur certified consultants hand hold you through the entire process providing you the best solar and energy efficiency recommendations.

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